ATG’s Design Options

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A DAMIEN KELLY & ATG partnership - full scale Bag line design

His name is his brand, and now, it’s pairing with ours.

We are enthused to announce that we have recently partnered with the bag design and consulting company, Damien Kelly, to help brands generate a concept for a bag line (material selection/technical product design/design language etc.). With 20+ years of design expertise, Damien has designed for some legendary brands as Mountain Hardware, Camelbak, Sitka, F-Stop, Lululemon, and Thule. Damien has created award-winning products that have helped build those brands into the globally-recognized brands they are today. 

With a focus on creating new product lines and categories for some of the world’s most recognized brands, they specialize in the entire brand and product lifecycle – from idea and brand creation to clothing and bag design, global materials and factory sourcing to delivery of the final product to market.

► This unique end-to-end service offering combined with deep expertise in outdoor apparel design has been instrumental in bringing many leading brands from birth to maturity.

They translate brand needs into product through:

✔ Conversation, design, and development.

✔ Line planning and market strategy.

✔ Product testing.

Among their achievements, they created a new line of Hiking and Mountain Bike Packs for Camelbak that have won awards, have associated patents, and have shifted the look of the brand to a cleaner, more refined product offering.

As users of the products we help create, it’s easy to be enthused about the work that we do.  With a focus on marrying brand aesthetics & marketability, Damien helps companies develop a brand identity through the products he designs.


ATG In-HOUSE DESIGN - tech packs & 3d Models

ATG likes to hire experts. With the 2018 additions of Scott Reed & Mark Gingo, we now have a combined 27 years of design and product development expertise at our disposal. We don’t have as much time on our hands as we would like to devote to design, but Scott & Mark’s services are available to compose a tech pack, 3d model, pdf, AI, or whatever you need. The ATG in-house design rate is $200 per hour.


swarm effect - full scale consumer product design

Swarm is built on the idea that physical products must be human-centered. Products exist for people. They must solve a problem, make an emotional connection, and ultimately, they have to work. This doesn’t come from sitting and staring at a CAD model. Sure, Swarm uses all the latest design tools. To truly understand a design, however, you must interact with it. You have to feel the weight in your hand, and see the proportions in real space. Prototyping is fundamental to Swarm’s process. 3D printing, CNC-routing, welding, cutting, soldering, sewing, coding, and sanding are all necessary to get a design right, and Swarm obsesses over these processes. Swarm combines the DIY fabricator attitude with serious engineering horsepower to efficiently build products that people love.