Developing your supply chain so you can grow your brand

For the past several years, Alliance Trading Group has partnered with several of the most successful Kickstarter entrepreneurs and small businesses to help develop their incredible innovations, and manage their supply chain.  We handle your initial SKU's from product development to fulfillment, then integrate our supply chain management experience to keep your supply chain humming along.  

OEM Representation

At Alliance Trading Group, we use our vast network of manufacturers that we have established strong partnerships with for the last 32 years to develop the most effective and efficient turnkey solutions for our clients.  Our strong relationships with our manufacturers are the reason so many clients have found Alliance to be their primary supply chain partner.

Quality Control

One can not overstate the importance of having competent managers oversee the quality inspection process fresh off a manufacturing line.  Alliance works with our clients to integrate a custom quality control procedure that is inherently unique for every product.  That way, we can manage our client's products in the exact manner that they expect.


We believe in transparency in an international market that isn't often so transparent, often hampered by mild language barriers and time zones.  We splay our pricing out in complete BOM formats & open up relationships for our clients to work together with our manufacturers so that there is always accessibility & information available at your fingertips.